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FMCG and the war against plastics: do they rise and fall as one?

Published the 22 May, 2018
Ocean plastic - FMCG reputation

Plastic: the new sugar In the UK, concern around plastic pollution has grown seemingly exponentially in the last twelve months, due in part to initiatives like Sky’s Ocean Rescue, the airing of Blue Planet II and a wider European regulatory push towards banning single-use plastic products. Table 1: Discussion of Sugar and Plastics in the […]

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Ocean pollution and the bottled drinks industry – reputational risks and opportunities

Published the 14 March, 2017
The effects of Sky Ocean Rescue on bottled drinks companies

In January 2017, the telecommunications company Sky launched its environmental campaign, Sky Ocean Rescue. The campaign aims to take a stand against litter with a focus on how this is damaging our seas, its inhabitants and in turn, us. Sky’s approach has been to focus on the environmental damage caused by waste plastic. The driving […]

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What were the challenges and reputation opportunities for supermarkets in 2016?

Published the 02 March, 2017
Supermarket industry review 2016

2016 was another highly competitive year for the UK supermarket industry. For a number of years, the traditional giants in the sector have been under increasing pressure from the budget disrupter brands like Aldi and Lidl. In order to get a detailed understanding of the issues that were driving both positive and negative perceptions of […]

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Which other products are most at risk from the sugar tax?

Published the 10 May, 2016

The announcement of a sugar tax by George Osborne in mid-March sent ripples through the UK’s FMCG landscape. The soft drinks industry was targeted with the tax, with government officials, health campaigners and the media weighing in on their belief of its effectiveness. While soft drinks are the first products on which the tariff will […]

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Corporate sustainability initiatives: how can a communication gap harm reputation?

Published the 07 April, 2016

Recently, Greenpeace released its “Cutting Deforestation out of the Palm Oil Supply Chain” scorecard, scoring 14 consumer goods companies in their efforts to end deforestation related to sourcing palm oil. All efforts to operate with an environmentally sustainable focus should be applauded, and companies are learning that a sustainability agenda is becoming increasingly important to […]

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Have consumers discovered a hidden tax on women’s products?

Published the 21 March, 2016

It has been claimed that women are charged more than men for more-or-less the same product on the high street. Accusations of “sexist” pricing have been identifiable since the 90s, with the issue re-emerging in recent months following comparison of over 800 products in the United States by the New York City Department of Consumer […]

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Living Wage and reputation: has the discussion changed?

Published the 01 October, 2015

alva analysed the reputational impact of the Living Wage before and immediately after George Osborne’s July Budget announcement in which he introduced a National Living Wage. Two months later, companies including IKEA, Oliver Bonas and Lidl have become Living Wage Foundation accredited employers. But several other corporations have spoken out against the potential impact the […]

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Supplier payment: Is it a risk to your business?

Published the 16 July, 2015

The issue of late supplier payment has been a burden to big business in recent months, with consistent pressure from the UK Government, small business federations and consumer groups to reduce payment terms and change the “culture of late payment” in the UK. With recent reports that supplier payment terms in neighbouring Ireland were reduced […]

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Big Tobacco’s Saviour

Published the 11 March, 2014

Demand for electronic cigarettes is growing at an exponential rate and Big Tobacco is now working hard to cash in on this fast growing $1bn market. With Bloomberg Industries predicting that e-cigarette sales will pass traditional cigarette sales by 2047, it is not hard to reason why Big Tobacco is so determined in its pursuit […]

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